Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Month of Love...

I totally stole this idea from Carisa's blog (which is one of my favorites that I stalk regularly!). We are very ambitiously trying to memorize 1st Corinthians 13:4-8, the "love is.." verses in honor of Valentine's Day. We made a love notebook and each day draw a heart out of our bag to see what our "love is" trait for the day is. Then we copy a verse fom the Bible that has to do with that trait. I also have heart cut outs that every time I see them showing love to one another I write it on the heart and tape it to our "love door". We are doing this all month. All of the print outs are available at the above link. Best of all, for each verse they copy by the end of the month, they get $1. They don't get to keep that money though. Instead, they get to pick a charity of their choice to donate it to. Jackson is especially excited about his aspect. In fact, last night he told me when he becomes a famous rock star he is going to give all his money to poor people and God (which then led to an interesting conversation about tithing and how God gets the money!).
They get to pick which verse to copy each day so we're getting to learn a little about the books of the Bible which we need to study soon because I need to learn them all!
Ashton is struggling with copying the longer verses. I write the verse out a lot bigger on a dry erase board which helps. Of course, she is all about getting a heart with her name on it!
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The best part is I've been amazed at how well we are learning the scripture. We add a couple of "love is" a day and know a lot already! Hope this inspires you to celebrate the "Love Month."

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Betty said...

Looks like we are both on the same "love" verse this week! How sweet is that? I blogged that same exact verse on Saturday:) I am all about love month!!! I can't wait to see what charity they donate their money to. You are doing God's work of love in so many ways!!! What an inspiration to keep the love going....