Tuesday, January 18, 2011

History Fair...

In addition to our world history studies, we are also studying Tennessee history. This is something we plan on studying off and on all year and especially this summer when we can go on the tons of great field trips available.
Our wonderful local homeschool support group hosts a history fair each year. We decided we should show off what we had learned about our great state. The kids were very excited to do a diorama of their favorite event from TN history. We got together with another family and got to creating.

Ashton chose to create Ruby Falls where we had gone a few months before (and by we I mean they went with their while I stayed above ground since I am horribly claustrophobic). She did this absolutely on her own:

Jackson made Fort Nashborough where we took our first field trip to:

They all made the paper irises (state flower of TN) like I always made with my 4th grade classes:
Ashton's was especially beautiful:
I have to say, I was very proud of our display and how much they had accomplished in such a short time. They had their leaves they collected for a leaf project. I traced their bodies and they turned them into characters from Tennessee history. Mags was the amazing Nancy Ward, Ashton was a world famous opera singer I'd never heard of, and Jackson was not surprisingly Andrew Jackson. They had to research their person and write an acrostic poem telling facts about them as well.
They did lovely watercolor paintings of different state symbols. With our aunt's help Ashton sewed the flag all by herself. She was so proud it had to be our centerpiece.
The kids also all chose to dress up. Ashton used clothes from my old reenacting days to be a little girl from the Civil War era. Maggie was Nancy Ward. Jackson was a cute Davy Crockett and was a fountain of knowledge about him since we watched the old Disney movie!
The best part was watching them tell others about what they'd learned. They would talk everyone's ear off! I was astonished at all they remembered.

These events are always so wonderful. It is so gratifying to see so many children in love with learning!

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