Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Fun...

As usual I had many more Christmas activities planned than we could ever get to, but next year, right??? I did finally get the kids their own nativity set which was really neat. They enjoyed this Playmobile one.

I was excited to do a sensory box when I found the shiny red and silver stuffer at the dollar store. Then I hid lots of ornaments from the dollar store in there. However, that stuff is packed in there tight and it was hard to find anything in there. Lesson learned, less is more :)

Ashton had them cover their eyes while she hid the ornaments in the sensory box. How cute is Spiderman here?

He used his Spidey senses to get him a good one!

Oh, sensory bins are they always messy?

Carissa had some good printouts for Christmas marble painting. For some crazy reason I couldn't put my hands on any marbles. Not even the Hungry, Hungry Hippos came through for me! So, we used one of our Magneatos making it giant marble painting.
I really wanted to do one since it looked so fun.

My crafty girl has never met a craft she didn't like:
Oh, the concentration:
Next step, Mommy cuts out the tree and then on to glue and glitter-
Glitter glitter everywhere:
We have always had the tradition of making reindeer food since this guy was little and didn't have hands as big as mine! This is the year he stopped believing (although he told me not to tell him any more) so I was very excited he wanted to still participate.
We did this on Christmas Eve Eve so girl of course was getting her hair did.
This was the twins' first time to make reindeer food. They loved it.
We're all about antlers in this household:
Didn't he do a great job?
Will thought it was "punny".
We always feed the reindeer on our way out to Christmas at Grandmother's.These boys were serious about making sure Rudolph got fed:
Let the rest of the Christmas fun begin!

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