Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pick and Draw...

I put one of the kids' Christmas gifts in their workboxes, Pick and Draw. It is this awesome card game where you draw cards from different categories (like face, nose, hair, eyes) and draw a character using those features. It's amazing how many different ways the characters come out.
I also admire how the creator of the game uses it as a chance to tell kids about how
creative God is!
Now, being the good homeschooling mama I am I had to add a little more to it (the directions suggest you can too) so each time they drew a character they had to make up a name and some silly facts about them.
I also appreciated the drawing tips since I don't have an ounce of artistic talent to share. For example, if you shade the lower set of teeth in it looks like they are talking. Who knew?
The only downside I see is running out of paper since Ashton wanted to keep all her characters. The second time we played I got smart and had them fold a sheet to make little squares for each character. I didn't take pictures of my creations, but I had the best time playing with them!
I love good ole' "Gum Drop".
This lady was kind of crazy.
Although we need to work on spelling "bored", I did think he made this guy really look bored.
I highly recommend getting this game. It is so affordable and one of those rare things all ages can play together. Next time I think we're going to write some adventures for our new friend- yeah writing practice!

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