Sunday, August 15, 2010

Twin Tot School #20...

Will and Wesley are 36 months old.
This is the first time in several week that I have set out their trays as we have been taking a break from schooling and have been so busy! It felt so good to be getting back to our normal routine. It's also pretty neat because I can see how far Will and Wesley have come since we first started Tot School. Their attention span has greatly improved (especially for Will, Wesley was always fairly good at concentrating on one task). I've been working hard at making some new things for Tot School and am looking forward to working on them soon.
Although we've had this toy since Christmas, this is really the first time the boys worked on screwing the different pieces together (although you can see that Wesley was also using his car as a hammer):
This Melissa and Doug spelling puzzle is probably both of their top two toys right now (if you don't count any and all things Lightning McQueen!). It is really helping them with their letters too although they are all lower case and we have really only worked on the upper case.
This was just a quick thing I pulled together for them to practice using a dropper with colored water:
I love this picture of Jackson and Will working so sweetly together:
It was also fun to do on a paper towel:
I printed this shape wheel from Carissa's blog. You're supposed to use clothes pins with the shapes on them but I haven't gotten around to making those yet :)
I had a VERY rare minute alone with Will and wanted to see what shapes he knew. So we used Ashton's little Barbie dog he was playing with. I'd say, "Take the doggie to the octagon" and he'd do it. He loved using the dog and I loved how many shapes he knew!
Topping mine and the boys list of their favorite tot toys are definitely Automoblox minis. They got this set for Christmas and they are awesome. They can make tons of different combinations of cars and there's actually enough for both of them to be happy!
Then they spend the rest of the day driving them around and around the school table :)

That was our week as we begin to get back in our normal routine. Head over to Carissa's blog to see what other things are happening in Tot School.


Mrs. Taffy said...

Looks like a great week! The dropper idea is so fun! I was looking for some more clothes pin type activities, I should have known Carisa's would have them!

Our Family said...

You have everything so well organized & it looks like your boys are really enjoying learning! How fun!