Monday, August 30, 2010

Science Fair Crawfish Edition...

Our wonderful homeschool group had a science fair and we decided to study crawfish for it. We decided this because we had been playing in the creek with our friends the Parrishes and the kids were really into catching them. They even found some really cool pregnant ones! They had lots of questions about them so we decided to study them.
My kids live for science and history fair days!
Some of the things we studied and included on our board were:
1. a graph of a survey of what people call them: crawfish, or crawdad
2. poem about them
3. scientific drawing of them
4. pictures we took of the ones we caught
5. research reports by each kid on different topics, for example: food, habitat, body parts, reproduction, etc.
6. an acrostic poem
7. a drawing

I love watching the kids show other kids their reports. It amazed me how interested they are in learning about other kids' reports and asking so many questions.

We did this with the Parrishes (Maggie got sick that day.) and even brought in some crawfish to show off:
Days like this reinforce why I homeschool and are such a blessing!

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