Friday, July 9, 2010

Crazy Hair Days...

My kids went to a local VBS, and of course they had to have dress up days (not my favorite) but the kids were excited. We tried our best to empty Ashton''s hair bow container!

I was expecting her to get tired of them and none to return home, but she was happy for the time being.

Jackson used this as an excuse to sport the haircut he wishes he could have everyday:
My dear migraine suffering carpool friend did a pretty great job on her kids- even giving one a real mohawk!!! (It was later just turned into a short summer style.)

Ladies and gentlemen may I present the award winning "Best Crazy Hair" out of like 700 kids!!!

Ahhhh, crazy hair. Good times, good times....

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BlessingsAbundant said...

Wow! I did pretty good for a migraine suffering mama.