Sunday, July 4, 2010

Twin Tot School #19...

Will and Wesley are 34 months old.

We have been so unbelievably busy since summer started there hasn't been much school of any kind. However, it was fun hanging out with just the twins while the big kids were at summer camp. We went shopping and found a really cheap Cars game. Since they are currently obsessed with that movie we had to have it. Here they are playing their first board game:

To be honest it didn't last too long, but it will eventually be great for teaching numbers and colors.

We are loving our magnetic pom poms! They are pompoms I hot glued small round magnets to the back of. I got the idea from this great blog. There are tons of free printables to use with them.
Plus, it's easy to make enough for 2 tots to do at once-score!
They still like their Mickey Mouse color matching though it is really easy for them now. I've been meaning to make one with secondary colors....
We also played Hullabaloo for the first time. Wesley really got it. Will loved running from space to space!
But mostly our time is devoted to this:
However, it's not going so well as you can see by this picture where Wesley was begging me to put a diaper on him :(
So, there will be a lot more potty training in our future and hopefully more Tot Schooling thrown in along the way. Check out what lots other tots are doing at Carissa's blog!
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Fiona said...

Those magnetic pom poms are a great idea-I must look out for some :-) x

Melea said...

I love the idea of the magnetic pom poms! I looked at the blog that you mentioned where you got the idea and I can't find the printables that I see in your pictures (of the animals). My kids would like those.