Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Water Cycle...

*Warning: my children appear naked but are really not- I promise!
When we were studying the water cycle as part of our weather unit, we decided to try our own experiment. We put ice in a strainer over boiling water and observed the different states of water going through the different stages in the water cycle. They had to use their clipboards to draw what they saw.
Experiments are irreplaceable when teaching science. Nothing can teach them facts about God's great creation like actually seeing how He designed it in action. Plus, they're downright fun!

We watched the show and read the book the Magic School Bus Wet All Over. I am a huge Mrs. Frizzle fan! I joked with my husband that I need an outfit made out of felt. Then every time we start a new study I could cut out different felt shapes to go with the study. Then I could attach them to my outfit and jump out at the kids just like Mrs. Frizzle. How cool would that be???

I saw this great idea of printing out words on a label maker that the kids could just stick in the right place. I know there is a place for writing practice, but if I had expected my kindergartner to spell words like condensation and evaporation in about 10 different places the fun of the experiment would've bogged down in spelling/writing drama. They loved the labels and it helped everything go much smoother.

Posted by PicasaThis was an extremely simple experiment but so fun and really stuck with the kids.

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