Friday, May 29, 2009

Field Trip???

Jackson and Ashton woke up to find Daddy at the door (on a work day) holding an envelope with this puzzle they had to work (which Mommy made a little too hard!):

When they finally worked it, they were excited to see it said, "We're going to Chattanooga for 3 days, go get in the car!"

We had a great time at the Aquarium. It was amazing how many things we were able to see and review that we had studied this year. My son loves petting stingrays more than anything in the world I think!

I definately took advantage of all the teachable moments possible. It was a lot different than before we homeschooled although we were always teaching things, I am much more purposeful about it now. I love that!

Another great Dodd trip and wonderful learning opportunity to boot!Posted by Picasa

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