Friday, May 2, 2014

Nature Walk...

Since my hubby was gone all week on a mission trip to Nicaragua, we decided to go stay with my mom. She had found a new park for us to check out. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. We even brought our dog who loved it. Will is always a great poser!
My family is on that bridge but you can't quite see them. Isn't it beautiful?
We loved the bridge because we could see turtles and all the geese with their babies.
After several tries (sorry Mom, I couldn't resist) Gram snapped a picture of me and my girl. I'm actually in a picture!
The boys LOVED the babies!
I had to snap this picture because we found where someone had scratched "I love Will" into the bridge. He thought that was cool.
As we walked we saw tons and tons of turtles. Being a homeschooler, I had to use the opportunity to teach them about reptiles and what it means to be cold-blooded. To top off our great walk we saw this snake hanging out on this branch.
Luke watched over his kids.
 Some little cute stinker talked big bro into carrying him.
 I love this picture so much I may frame it!
 This one melts my heart!
As we were leaving they were making a movie about the city and asked us if we would be in it because a family out walking their dog was perfect. So we walked across the bridge a couple of times while they filmed us. We will keep watching the website looking for our debut! At least it will be a fun story to tell daddy when he gets home!

 We spent the night and, let the record show, got up and did some school in the morning. It was fun doing it somewhere different. I enjoyed having a co-teacher as Gram did Bible with Ashton.
 We just started a new math program and they are doing great on it.
 When a 13 year old sees you taking pictures they have to be goof balls...
 We had a great visit. The kids spent hours and hours playing outside and in the creek. We love being here. I'm thinking we should just move in. It takes a village after all!

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