Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up...

 We had a great week in homeschool this week. It started off great when my awesome hubby finished my Ikea inspired bookshelves! You can see the little green and red beauties behind our pictures. We were all excited.
I had this cool spy dude show up. I wonder if he noticed the twin doing bunny ears behind him???
 One of those miraculous moments where they seemed to like each other :)
 We decided to start our day with a dance break!
We start our day with our Grapevine Bible study stick figuring our way through the Old Testament. I LOVE this Bible study, and it's so cool that we can all do it together. This was Adam and Eve:
 After we finish our Bible study, the twins have activity pages they do in their notebooks while I work with the big kids on history or Bible drill.  Will is my most active child so I am always so pleasantly when he works so dilligently.
 Wesley works to but does only the exact number of pages I tell him he has to :)
 After they finished their pages, they get to go pick a learning toy (made much easier now that they are in the green bins at their height!). Will picked the people builders and built a heart for me. That's me and him in the middle- I love my boys!!!
Meanwhile, Ashton is working on taking notes from our reading minilesson.
 While Wesley built a tower, Will made a seahorse- complete with a pouch for their babies. I thought it was very creative.
 I told them all if they worked hard they could use their desks and notebooks to make a ramp for their remote control cars. It made for great motivation!
Jackson enjoyed his spider book so much.  He must get it from his father who keeps a brown recluse as a pet on his desk at work...
 I can't remember why but these two were giving me their stubborn looks:
 We played basketball to study for Bible drill- they had to answer questions to earn a shot. These two were celebrating their win.
 While I read history to them, they all get to choose a toy to play with.
 I was a little surprised my 11 year old chose blocks, heehee.
 This picture represents a miracle: WILL VOLUNTARILY PICKING UP TOYS THAT HE WASN'T EVEN PLAYING WITH!!!! It made every penny and hour spent building those bins totally worth it!
These pictures are all from one day, but overall it was a great week.
I'm SO excited to be blogging again and able to link up to the weekly wrap up at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

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Wife of the Prez said...

Long time no post! Love your schoolroom, especially the organization and colors! Well, I like the kids too LOL!

This week we are unschooling LOL! I don't know about you, but I'm in serious need of motivation. Your post certainly helps in that regard!