Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Story of the Worl Year 2 Week 7...

This week we read about the greatest inventions ever: the tinting press. We talked about the unbelievable fact that a lot of people had never seen a book, and the saddest part was that people couldn't read the Bible for themselves! To illustrate what a difference the printing press made in people learning about God I challenged them to a race. I told them they were the monks who had to copy "Jesus loves you" by hand over and over. They have 5 minutes to write it as many times as they could. Meanwhile, I got to be Guttenburg using my scrapbooking letter stamps to stamp "Jesus loves me". The race was on! Different kids Wrote different amounts but I would say the average was about 18 times they were able to write it. If they made a mistake they had to mark that one out, and it didn't count! With my stamps including type setting time and continuous trimming I was able to do about 140! It was a great way to demonstrate how the printing press changed the world. Such a simple last minute idea that seemed to make a lasting impression.

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