Saturday, August 13, 2011

Homemade Goodness...

We have this wonderful Aunt Donnie who is quite the seamstress, and lucky for me she only sews for my kids (pretty awesome, right?). Occasionally as I am blog surfing I see really cute homemade goodies and just happen to send her a link...

And because she has the ability and time to focus and follow through (unlike me) she will shortly show up at my door with some homemade goodness.
I'm really working with the boys on their numbers so was very excited to see these cookies with different "chocolate chips" to count on one of my favorite blogs, Counting Coconuts.

Since the twins are their father's child I knew this activity where they got to go fishing to practice counting would be a big hit:

I saw this button board on Tired, Need Sleep and knew I needed one :)
The possibilites are endless with this board: fine motor skills, shapes, colors, patterning and maybe even learning how to button their jeans back after, well you know.

So, here's a little bloggy love to our crafty Aunt Donnie. We are SO glad you retired :)

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