Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Reader's Theater...

In an answer to prayer we have found a wonderful family to do homeschooling activities together! It really makes homeschooling more fun, not just for the kids but for the mommies as well.
Our first official unit was a Pilgrim study. I was telling them about how little room they had on the Mayflower, so I taped off a small rectangle and gave them each huge pillows to represent their belongings. They had to stay inside the tape the entire lesson. If they crossed it they "fell overboard". Sweet Kim even had activities planned for the twins as well. As you can tell, they loved them!
How sweet is she to let them make such a mess! Sweet and crazy I guess- hee hee!
Definitely crazy...
She was Tot Schooling her 3 before it the term was even around. She had them some great beads to string:
I wrote a Thanksgiving Reader's Theater with parts for all the kids. This is at rehearsal during the prayer scene- how sweet! They decided to circle up and pray together like that.
Wesley was definitely cut out to play a little indian, although he wouldn't cooperate during the actual performance.
How funny is this little boy?
I thought Jackson did outstanding on his painting- of a deer and hunter, of course!
Kim helped the kids cook a delicious meal. Then it was time to perform for our very special audience- the daddies!
They are very good at the bowing part:
This is what homeschooling is all about and was incredibly fun, for all of us!

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