Saturday, January 2, 2010

Twin Tot School #17...

Wesley and Will are 29 months old.

It has been a long time since I have posted because with the holidays and life we've just been too busy, but we are glad to be back in the swing of things!
The boys both get very excited over making crafts these days. When we pick them up from Sunday School they show us and then everyone else they see their pictures saying, "I made. I made." It is so cute! On this day they used their dot painters to "made" some great pieces of art:
See these proud smiles!
When they first started these 3 piece puzzles they needed help, but now they are rocking them. It's amazing how fast they learn.
Will is diligently working his puzzle, but I love the little feet sticking out straight out!
We broke the good ole' Aquadoodle out. I think big bro and sis liked it more than the boys!
Wesley is all about how high he can stack the pegs. Look at that face, I think he surprised himself!
This is one of their first ever Tot School toys and now they can do several all on their own. Now we need to work on the names of these shapes- one of this semesters' goals.
When you have access to all these great trays, why not use them for your breakfast?
This was the tallest I've ever been able to build this tower before they knowcked it over. They even named several animals and we talked about the letters as we built it.
Don't my 2 little famers look intent?
Of course, some things never change. Like this look on his face when he knocks a tower down:

There's a few of our activities we've been up to lately. For more great Tot School posts, head over to Carissa's blog!
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Cara said...

Your twins are the same age as my little guy, and it looks like we have lots of the same toys (the stacking blocks, the 3 letter word puzzles, the pegs)! Looking forward to seeing more of your Tot School activities in the future!