Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weather Lapbook...

We wrapped up our homeschooling year by a unit study of weather. My husband was the most excited about this as he harbors a secret dream of being a meteorologist. I got us lots of great weather books and away we went. As usual, we got most of our printables from Homeschool Share but we did add some things. I made the lightning shaped book and was pretty proud of it. We wrote facts about lightning inside it after reading Seymour Simon's Lightning book. Jackson particularly loved this book. He wrote so many facts he had to write in tiny little letters! We also had some fun making the different kinds of clouds out of cotton balls.
This was a really colorful lapbook we enjoyed. We also studied the water cycle and the 3 states of matter. That was my favorite part.
We used our Draw, Write Now to make our covers. I thought Jackson's airplane was really good.
This time when I put the lapbooks together I created a top loading pocket between the 2 folders. We used it to hold all the worksheets and the easy reader booklets we made.

For this study I chose some vocab words that went with weather to be Jackson's spelling and vocab. We made a little flapbook with the words on the outside which opened to show the definitions. I also printed out junior meteorologist certificates for them (I probably should've made Jon one too.).
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Another lapbook to add to our ever growing collection!

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